Mastech Multímetro de Tenaza AC/DC MS2108A

Mastech Multímetro de Tenaza AC/DC MS2108A
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Producto nº: AD2709
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Multímetro de Tenaza AC/DC True RMS VFC NVC, Modelo Mastech MS2108A


  • Auto ranging DMM.
  • Display: 4000 counts.
  • Capable of performing function: DC, AC voltage/current measurement and resistance, capacitance frequency measurement, diode test, transistor test, audible continuity test.
  • Data-hold function.
  • Back Light Front Light.
  • Low Battery Display.
  • Relative measurement.
  • Auto Power-OFF: If the meter is idle for 15 minutes (idle time), the meter automatically turns the power off , After auto power-off, pushing any of the push button or changing the rotary switch can turn on the meter again.


  • Overload protection
  • DC Voltage: 400mV/4V accuracy(±0.8% of rdg ±3 digits) 40V/400V/1000V accuracy(±1.0% of rdg ±5digits)
  • AC Voltage: 4V/40V/400V accuracy(±0.8% of rdg ±3digits) 750V±(1.0%+5)
  • DC Current: 40A/400A accuracy(±2.0% of rdg ±6digits)
  • AC Current: 40A/400A accuracy(±2.0% of rdg ±6digits)
  • Resistance: 400ohm/4Kohm/40Kohm/400Kohm accuracy(±0.8% of rdg ±3digits) 4Mohm/40Mohm±(1.2%+3)
  • Capacitance: 400nF/4μF/40μF/400μF/4000μF accuracy(±4.0% of rdg ±5digits)
  • Frequency (From Clamp): 0~ 10KHz accuracy(±1.5% of rdg ±5digits)
  • Frequency (From Plug): 0~ 10MHz  accuracy(±1.5% of rdg ±5digits)
  • Duty Cycle: 1%~ 99% ±3.0%
  • Dimensions: 250 mm * 55mm * 30mm (9.8 * 2.0 * 1.20 inch)
  • Weight: Approx.262g (9.2oz)(including battery)